Discover the culinary richnes of India

Enjoy our culinary delights and authentic Indian specialties! All our dishes can also be ordered online for take-away (pick up only, payment at the restaurant).

Information on allergies
Our kitchen handles the extensive use of various nuts. Food can have traces of it. Please call us before ordering, so that we can offer you a suitable dish. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Declaration of origin
Prawns and fish: Asia/USA
Chicken: Switzerland/Brazil
Lamb: Australia/New Zealand

May have been produced with hormones and/or antibiotics or other antimicrobial performance enhancers.


CHF 4.00

101. Papad (2 Stk.)

Roasted lentil Poppadums, served with assorted chutneys

CHF 7.00

102. Sabodana Vada

Tapoica & cottage cheese patty with mild spices, Served with mint Chutney

CHF 7.50

103. Cocktail Samosa (2 Stk.)

Fried Indian savoury, stuffed with potatoes and green peas, served with mint sauce.

CHF 8.50

104. Spinach & Potato Pakoras

Crispy Spinach, Potato gram flour Fritters, Perfectly seasoned For Your Taste buds.

CHF 7.50

105. Onion Bhajia

Londoners favourite, Crispy onion & gramflour fritters

CHF 9.00

106. Goan Fish & Prawn Tikki

Goan Style Fish & Prawn Dumpling Coated with Rice , golen fried served with Coconut Chutney.

CHF 9.80

107. Chicken tikka Tak-A-Tak

Chicken Tikka, tossed with onion capsicum and tomato with mint sauce.

CHF 12.50

108. Milla Julla

Assortment of starters: 1 Samosa, 1 Sabodanavada, 1 Onion bhajia


CHF 8.50

109. Hara Bhara Salad

Fresh green salad.

CHF 14.50

110. Chicken Tikka Salad

A juicy chicken tikka coated with sweet chili sauce on the top of green salad.


CHF 7.00

111. Tamater Dhaniye Ka Shorba

A thin green coriander flavoured tomato soup with mild spices.

CHF 7.50

112. Murg Shorba Keralai

A chicken extract, flavoured with mild spices, ginger curry leaves and coconut milk.

CHF 7.00

113. Mulligatawny

A rich lentil purée, flavoured with coconut and curry, garnished with rice.

Yoghurt drinks

114. Lassi

Yoghurt drink with different flavours

CHF 6.50

114.1. Sweet

CHF 6.50

114.2. Salted

CHF 7.50

115.1. Rose flavour

CHF 7.50

115.2. Mango flavour

From the tandoor

CHF 37.50

121. Jhinga Tandoori

King prawns marinated with yoghurt & spices and roasted in Tandoor.

CHF 32.50

122. Tandoori Meen

Monk fish pieces marinated with yoghurt, ginger, spices and roasted in Tandoor

CHF 27.50

123. Murg Tikka (Chicken Tikka)

Boneless chicken pieces marinated in yoghurt with various Spices, cooked in Tandoor.

CHF 27.00

124. Methi Malai Tikka (Mild Chicken Tikka)

Boneless chicken pieces, marinated in yoghurt, fenugreek, fresh spices.

CHF 34.50

125. Maans Ke Sule (Lamb Tikka)

Tender pieces of lamb loin, marinated over night in fresh spices and yoghurt, roasted in Tandoor.

CHF 35.50

126. Tandoori Lamb Chops

Tender pieces of lamb chops , marinated over night in fresh spices and yoghurt, roasted in Tandoor.

CHF 26.00

127. Paneer Saslik (vegetarisch)

Chunks of cottage cheese with capsicum, onions, tomatoes, pineapple & tandoori spices, grilled in Tandoor.

CHF 29.50

128. Tandoori Sangam

Assortment comprising Murg Tikka, Methi Malai Tikka, Lamb Tikka. The perfect combination for your «tandoori appetite»


201. Vindaloo

Tangy spicy gravy made with tomatoes, onion and garnished with potatoes. Specialty of Goa.

CHF 32.50

201.1. King Prawns

CHF 28.50

201.2. Chicken

CHF 29.50

201.3. Lamb

CHF 24.50

201.4. Cottage Cheese
202. Saag

Spinach puree cooked with chopped onions, tempered with fresh garlic, finished with cream and fenugreek.

CHF 32.50

202.1. King Prawns

CHF 28.50

202.2. Chicken

CHF 29.50

202.3. Lamb

CHF 24.50

202.4. Cottage Cheese
203. Chettinad

Coconut and onion gravy cooked with freshly pounded spices. Speciality of the Deccan plateau of south India.

CHF 32.50

203.1. King Prawns

CHF 28.50

203.2. Chicken

CHF 29.50

203.3. Lamb

CHF 24.50

203.4. Cottage Cheese
204. Korma

A traditional mild saffron gravy.

CHF 32.50

204.1. King Prawns

CHF 28.50

204.2. Chicken

CHF 29.50

204.3. Lamb

CHF 24.50

204.4. Cottage Cheese
205. Kadai

Fresh tomatoes & onion gravy cooked with julienne of capsicum, onion and tomatoes, garnished with ginger and coriander.

CHF 32.50

205.1. King Prawns

CHF 28.50

205.2. Chicken

CHF 29.50

205.3. Lamb

CHF 24.50

205.4. Cottage Cheese

Chef Specials

CHF 27.00

131. Malabar Fish Curry

An exotic fish curry from the west coast.

CHF 32.50

132. Jhinga Chili

King prawns, cooked in spicy gravy.

CHF 37.50

133. Jhinga Masala Tak-A-Tak

Kings prawns tossed with chopped tomato, onion, chili, coriander, various spices with hint of lemon juice, served on sizzler. Mr. Singh’s favourite.

CHF 26.00

134. Chicken Curry

Chicken pieces, cooked in Punjabi style, with tomatoes, fresh onion, garlic, ginger, coriander and spices.

CHF 28.50

135a. Murg Tikka Masala

In Europe popularly known as chicken tikka masala, chicken tikka cooked in clay oven, simmered in tomato gravy finished with cream and butter. Speciality of the house.

CHF 29.50

135b. Butter Chicken

Tender pieces of chicken tikka, cooked in tomato onion gravy with spices, cream and butter. Favourite of Delhi.

CHF 28.50

136. Murg Lababdar

Chicken tikka cooked with finely chopped onions, tomato, ginger, chili, finished with a hint of honey and cream.

CHF 27.50

137. Methi Murg

Tender pieces of chicken, cooked with fenugreek leaves, fresh spices, in onion tomato gravy.

CHF 29.00

138. Gosht Roganjosh

Lamb curry speciality from north India.

CHF 31.50

139. Gosht Lababdar

Lamb tikka cooked with finely chopped onions, tomato, ginger, chili, finished with a hint of honey and cream.

CHF 29.50

140. Lal Maans

A spicy lamb preparation from the native land of chef Sudhir Chauhan.

CHF 29.50

141. Safeed Maans

A mild lamb preparation from Rajasthan (the native land of our kitchen chef).

CHF 29.00

142. Methi Gosht

Lamb chunks, cooked with fenugreek leaves and spices

Vegetarian dishes

CHF 23.50

151. Paneer Makhanwala

Chunks of fresh cottage cheese cooked in tomato gravy finish, with kasoori methi, finished with cream and butter.

CHF 23.50

152. Paneer Pasanda

Cottage cheese dumpling topped with saffron gravy, garnished with cream and coriander.

CHF 23.50

153. Mattar Paneer

Cottage cheese and green pea’s combination, cooked in onion and tomato gravy, tempered with cumin seeds.

CHF 23.50

154. Paneer Lababdar

Chunks of fresh cottage cheese cooked with finely chopped onions, tomato, ginger, chili, finished with a hint of honey and cream.

CHF 24.50

157. Khumbh Matar Masala

Mushroom and green peas combination in cardomon flavoured rich Mugalai Gravy.

CHF 22.50

158. Mixed Vegetable Curry

Fresh seasonal vegetable curry

CHF 23.50

159. Navrattan Korma

Combination of nine vegetables and dry fruits, cooked in a mild saffron sauce.

CHF 22.00

160. Dum Aloo Chutney Wala

Potatoes stuffed with cottage cheese and dry fruit, simmered in onion and tomato gravy, a hint of mango chutney and mint.

CHF 21.00

161. Aloo Ghobi

Cauliflower cooked with potatoes, tempered with cumin seeds & spices.

CHF 23.50

162. Bhindi Do Payaza

Lady fingers (okra) cooked with dices of onion and tomato.

CHF 18.50

163. Dal Yellow Tarka

Yellow lentils with tempering of cumin and garlic.

CHF 22.50

164. Dal Makhani

Combination of black lentils, simmered over night and tempered with onion, garlic, ginger and tomato sauce, with cream and butter.


CHF 28.50

165. Murg Biryani Charbagh

Boneless pieces of chicken, cooked with basmati rice, with chief‘s special spices, served with raita.

CHF 32.50

166. Hyderabadi Gosht Biryani

Succulent lamb chunks and rice, cooked to delicious finish, served with raita.

CHF 22.50

167. Subz Tehri

Vegetables, cooked with rice and Biryani spices, served with raita.

Side dishes

CHF 14.50

301. Bombay Potato

Potato curry

CHF 15.00

302. Aloo Palak

Potatoes and spinach

CHF 12.00

303. Aloo Jeera

Potatoes with cumin

CHF 15.00

304. Saag

Spinach cooked with herbs

CHF 5.00

170. Sada Chawal

Plain rice

CHF 8.00

171. Jeera Rice

Rice tossed with cumin seeds

CHF 8.00

172. Subz Pulao

Rice tossed with vegetable and cumin seeds

CHF 8.00

173. Saffron Pulao

Rice tossed with saffron & sultana

CHF 6.50

174. Lachcha Parantha

Whole wheat buttered layered bread

CHF 7.00

175. Pudina Parantha

Whole wheat buttered layered bread with mint

176. Naan

Leavened bread

CHF 5.00

176.1. with butter

CHF 5.00

176.2. plain

CHF 6.00

177. Lahsuni Naan

Garlic flavoured bread

CHF 8.00

178. Bharwan Naan

Naan stuffed with potatoes and cottage cheese.

CHF 8.00

179. Peshawari Naan

Naan stuffed with dry fruits and cardamom.

CHF 3.00

180. Tandoori Roti

Plain whole wheat bread.

181. Aap Ki Pasand Ka Raita

Flavoured yoghurt

CHF 5.00

181.1. with mixed vegetables

CHF 5.00

181.2. with pineapple

CHF 4.00

182. Dahi

Plain yoghurt